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Jacob Anderskov: The Gemstone Series

Jacob Anderskov: The Gemstone Series

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In the Gemstone Series collection you will find sheet music for 20 compositions by Jacob Anderskov. 

The pieces are for 1 to 6 musicians - the exact number of performers is flexible for all compositions. All pieces include improvised sections.

Some of the pieces are/will be released on the Anderskov albums “Emerald” (2023), Kinetics’ “Mysteries” (2017), and Fosterchild’s “Dear Earthling” (2019)Other pieces have been performed, but not yet recorded, by these ensembles, as well as by Resonance and Allusion.

This series of compositions is among the offsprings of Anderskov’s artistic research project Sonic Complexion (2018-2021).

The sheet music book contains:

  • Compositions: Agate - Amber - Amethyst - Beryl - Bloodstone - Celestite - Colour Shout - Elkhorn Coral - Emerald - Et Tu, Tselec - Flourite - Mysteries - Opal - Origami Megalith - Pearl - Ruby - Sapphire - Silence of the Stones - Smoky Quartz - Sunstone. 
  • A preface including suggestions for the interpreting musicians, and background on the making of the music.
  • Note stand friendly thickness – book can stand without closing, opened on any page.
  • Front and back covers in colour, designed by Neue Pink.
  • Easy-to-read engraving by Frej Wedlund, aesthetically set with November2 music font.
  • For each composition already recorded, info on which album to find for listening reference.

Link to excerpt of book (online, pdf): LINK

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