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Jacob Anderskov: På Dansk

Jacob Anderskov: På Dansk

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”Jacob Anderskov in Danish” is Anderskov’s 9th album as a leader. For the first time, none of the material is composed by himself. All tunes are Danish traditionals, loyally yet radically rearranged.

The music here is clearly related to Anderskov’s earlier works. However, hearing this approach applied to traditional material might reveal new insights into Anderskov’s musical universe. Hence this album is a key to Anderskovia.

In 2004, double Danish Music Award winner Jacob Anderskov received the Danish Government Art Foundation’s 3-year Composers Working Grant. His work has so far been centered around his ensembles Anderskov Accident, Doctor Structure, Jacob Anderskov Trio, Anderskov Solo and Airto Moreira – Jacob Anderskov Duo. Anderskov Accident is currently elected as one of 2 ”major acts” in ”Danish International Jazz Launch”,a 3-year music export project.

Anderskov’s own statement about the album:
“These songs have been following me since my early childhood.
When hearing them, I feel the seasons then and now melting together into one image. That has become a reappearing theme on this record. Another motivation has been my belief that traditions must survive through renewal if they are to stay relevant.
I prefer to regard our cultural heritage as something open, including and ever changing, rather than as a fixed entity in need of conservation. This record is dedicated to those who believe in and fight for this view on who we are.” -
Jacob Anderskov, August 2006.


  • Jacob Anderskov, piano
  • Anders Mogensen, drums
  • Peter Ole Jørgensen, drums (except on #5).
  • Henriette Groth, clarinet (On #2)
  • Jonas Müller: trumpet & cornet (On #4, #6, #7, #8)
  • Laura Toxværd: alto sax
  • Anders Banke: clarinet, bass clarinet & alto sax
  • Ned Ferm: tenor sax & clarinet
  • Peter Dahlgren, trombone
  • Nils Davidsen, bass

Release Date: Nov 5th, 2006
Catalogue Number: ILK125CD

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