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Jacob Anderskov: Mysteries

Jacob Anderskov: Mysteries

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Release date: 21-09-2018

Catalogue no.: ILK273LP

Listening to KINETICS is a physical, sensual and energetic experience. Their music balances between pulse and no pulse, between groove and creativity, between beauty and abstraction. It’s about feeling, vibe, and structure. The crucial things in the music are – as always with Kinetics – beat, flow, expressiveness and momentum.

Kinetics has been playing intensively around northern Europe since its formation in 2014. The tour up to this recording started in London, featuring the legendary Evan Parker, and passed through several countries before ending at LOFT in Köln, where this album was recorded.

Side A of the LP is the end of the first set, side B is the opening of the second
set. So you could argue that the 7 compositions on the album are done in one long take. (The band name) Kinetics, a branch of classical mechanics, is concerned with forces on bodies in motion. This no matter if these bodies be drones, drum sticks or planets – and relating to as well the movement through a terrain as that through outer space to another planet. (The album title), Mysteries, points beyond the physical domain, and into our interpretations of the forces behind the physical phenomena. It suggests an opening towards realms bigger or more incomprehensible than ours. To phenomena that will exist when we are no more here.


Jacob Anderskov, piano
Adam Pultz Melbye, bass
Anders Vestergaard, drums.


“Throughout the recording, Anderskov spread his notes like a painter over the canvas stretched by the rhythm section. Within the shimmering stream of sound, Melbye and Vestergaard add friction, breaking down the groove with well placed eddies and bumps” (Downbeat)

"Anderskov with his two companions succeeds in putting out something extremely modern and up-to-date without having to follow in the footsteps of E.S.T. or The Bad Plus or the ECM catalog. The red thread is a continuous underlying urge to always go a little further than what’s expected. Once that final step is taken, the next stage is immediately prepared. What follows is a continuum of sparkling tempo changes, subdued reflection moments and asymmetrical patterns." (Jazzenzo, NL)

"It's simply triojazz with style, strength and stamina." (Jazznyt, DK)

"The trio constantly navigates in a musical space between the familiar and unfamiliar. Harmony borders on dissonance and dissonance turns into melody while the approach changes between featherlight sensitivity and a physical punch on the piano whose manifold colors and shades are brought into play. " (All About Jazz)

"Anderskov is the obvious leader with a perfect control of the trios intense physical energy, powerful flow and the carefully built momentum." (The Free Jazz Collective)

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