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Jacob Anderskov: Kinetics (The Path), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. I]

Jacob Anderskov: Kinetics (The Path), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. I]

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Release date: 29-06-2015

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KINETICS (the Path) is physical, abstract, sensual and energetic. On its own terms it balances between pulse and no pulse, between groove and creativity. Anderskov’s compositions might be more concerned with surface and tactility than on many of his recent releases. You may even ask yourself: Is this his take on making a blues album? Either way, the crucial things in the music are – as always – beat, flow, expressiveness and momentum.

(The title) Kinetics, a branch of classical mechanics, is concerned with forces on bodies in motion. This no matter if these bodies be drones, drum sticks or planets – and relating to as well the movement through a terrain as that through outer space to another planet.

(The subtitle) The Path - which also relates to movement - opens the possibility of a more spiritual understanding of the body-in-motion metaphor. That a movement may be a journey, inner or outer.

Habitable Exomusics - the trilogy
Kinetics (The Path) is the first part of Habitable Exomusics - a new trilogy by Jacob Anderskov. Three albums with three different line-ups, released during the summer of 2015.

"The Habitable Exomusics Project is intended as an artistically radicalized summary of my musical language so far, and, at the same time, hopefully a kind of transcendence of my sound up till now. As part of the project I am also sharing thoughts and reflections on the making of the music, mainly through blogs, video, sheet music a.o. "
- Jacob Anderskov

The two other albums in the trilogy will be released in August and September.

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