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Jacob Anderskov: Granular Alchemy

Jacob Anderskov: Granular Alchemy

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Jacob Anderskov’s international quartet has made it’s second album. It continues where the internationally hailed “Agnostic Revelations” left off - visionary, spiritual, and with a tremendous elasticity. The previous album, “Agnostic Revelations”, was included on several international “best of 2010”-lists. “Granular Alchemy” is maybe - in comparison - more direct, stronger in it’s focus, and more exclamatory of nature.

Anderskov says, “This quartet brings together different threads in my production in a way I had dreamed about for some time. It draws upon the large-scale music I have composed for a.o. Anderskov Accident, and yet has a spirit and a kind of awareness also found in my smaller groups and in my solo work.

The compositions here are all from a larger series of compositions with a metaphori- cal starting point concerning basic elements/ materials. (Other compositions from that series - a.o. Bone, Water, Wood & Soil - have found their way into the repertoire of other ensembles, and will probably appear on future albums).

The album title (Granular Alchemy) refers to these materials, with a focus on partly their tactility, partly the mental concept of them in culture/religion & science over the millenia, and partly the possible chances of transforming the materials or the concepts of them through conscious or mystic human actions.

It is an ongoing adventure to play this music with these musicians. I am grateful to be allowed to experience this.”


  • Chris Speed - Sax + clarinet
  • Jacob Anderskov - Piano
  • Michael Formanek - Bass
  • Gerald Cleaver - Drums

Release date: October 8th 2012

Catalogue Number: ILK195CD

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