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Jacob Anderskov: Emerald

Jacob Anderskov: Emerald

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Light, shadow and deep-dark colour combinations alternate effortlessly in the soundscape of this new studio album from Jacob Anderskov. As on the internationally highly acclaimed albums with his “Agnostic Revelations”, we are witnessing Anderskov’s reinventing take on the medium-sized ensemble central to his overall oeuvre.

Sounding unlike anything else right now, this is new, innovative music. Compositions and improvisations oscillate between the spectral (here in the sense: the overtone-oriented, post-human) and the expressive (here: an embodied, soulful expression with a background in human experiences). Recorded in the legendary The Village Studio, the album emanates a warm, multidimensional soundscape; saturated and yet transparent.

The title “Emerald” designates both a colour and a gemstone. The compositions are inspired by symmetrical organizational structures from nature, which we find in starfish, coral and precious stones, among others. Though being not immediately audible, the inner symmetry in the music results in an enigmatic subduedness, not unlike our associations with the starfish and coral reefs that humanity is so incredibly bad at taking care of.

Consisting of 6 musicians who have criss-cross worked together over several decades, this new ensemble started during lockdown, and has now released their first album, Anderskov’s album number 30+. All compositions on the album (and more) are also published in a sheet music book, “The Gemstone Series – 20 Sonic Complexion Miniatures” (ILK Publishing).

Catalogue #: 343
Digital release date: 31-03-2023
LP release date: 21-04-2023

All compositions by Jacob Anderskov.
Recorded at The Village, November 2021 & 2022, by Thomas Vang.Mix: John Fomsgaard.
Mastering: Arnold Kasar at Calyx.
Artwork & Cover Design:
Produced by Jacob Anderskov 


"Emerald is highly original, saturated and yet surprisingly transparent, performed in a beautiful and elegant and poetic manner." - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts*

"The music is generally like an interaction between light and dark, between the emotional and the instrumental, and between the expressive and melancholic restraint. And it is an interaction that Jacob Anderskov masters." - Ivan Rod

"Emerald gir oss nok en god grunn til å sjekke ut denne unike stemma. ... den frie under- eller overstrømmen setter musikken fri på et helt eget vis. musikalske lerretene Anderskov har spent opp, blir fylt med farger og stemninger som er helt nye, spennende og høyst personlige. Jacob Anderskov er og har ei svært unik stemme. Aldri har den vært tydeligere enn på Emerald." - Tor Hammerø, nettavisen
"a magical-realistic charisma … sublime ... an unraveling with enigmatic features" - Georges Tonla Briquet, jazzhalo
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