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Jacob Anderskov: Dynamics (The Terrain), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. III]

Jacob Anderskov: Dynamics (The Terrain), [Habitable Exomusics Vol. III]

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Release date: 25-09-2015


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Dynamics (The Terrain) is Volume III of the Habitable Exomusics 2015 trilogy, and thus the follow-up to “Kinetics (the Path)” & “Statics (the Map)”. Anderskov is heard in dynamic interplay with Nils Davidsen on bass & Gerald Cleaver on drums. The whole album was recorded in one take at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, by Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Jacob Anderskov about the record:

(The title): ''Dynamic'', is in classical mechanics almost synonymous to kinetics, that is, concerned with the study of forces and their effect on motion. But the word “Dynamics”, originating from the Greek word for ”power”, has a vast number of further meanings, including its usage in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, group dynamics, and, not the least, musical dynamics.

(The subtitle) ''The Terrain''– is in a similar way thought of as a transcendence of the metaphors “Path” and “Map” on volume I & II. It borrows from the idea that freely improvised music might be similar to going for a walk in a terrain, where you will make footprints (=music), not because you intended to, but because that is a result of you walking. “The Terrain” also symbolises the totality of Experience, beyond our plans (the path) and our knowledge (the map). And, again: is this ter- rain habitable? Could I stay here? Live here?

''Dynamics'' is, I imagine, the synthesis of the Kinetics – Statics dialectic. It con- cerns the Encounter with the “other” or the “others”, with the unpredictable, the unknown, and, in the end, with the world. It is the application of the Habitable Exomusics approach in a musical and social context, in an intuitive totality.”

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