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Jacob Anderskov & Airto Moreira: Ears to the Ground

Jacob Anderskov & Airto Moreira: Ears to the Ground

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Ears to the Ground is an epic and poetic duet between Jacob Anderskov on piano and Airto Moreira on percussion, drums and vocal. A meeting of two strong music makers from very different backgrounds, with a direct and intuitive interaction.

The music transcends categories and styles, and is maybe mostly about presence, sensibility and a way of approaching life. At the same time, it seems like the duo has created a situation around the two musicians that brings forth the best in each of them, and brings them to places they have not been before.

Airto Moreira needs no further introduction. More than anybody else he has had adefining role for the use of percussion in Western music. He met Jacob Anderskovin Denmark in 2005, and they instantly agreed to work together when the chance arose. This album documents the result of the 2006 meeting.

Anderskov’s carrier is skyrocketing these years. This duo album naturally continues and expands the musical and artistic thread in his production so far. Yet his meet- ing with Airto has unique characteristics, and will probably reach an even broader audience than his earlier works. It is no bad place for new listeners to start.


  • Jacob Anderskov, piano
  • Airto Moreira, percussion, drums & vocal

Catalogue number: ILK143CD
Release date: May 19th, 2008

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