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Jacob Anderskov: Agnostic Revelations

Jacob Anderskov: Agnostic Revelations

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Danish Pianist and Composer Jacob Anderskov has made more than 10 highly acclaimed albums as a Leader. After projects spanning from solo piano over miscellaneous duos, trios & quintets, and 3 highly acclaimed albums with his infamous large ensemble Anderskov Accident, Jacob Anderskov has turned to the “classic” quartet format. Yet, this quartet album is everything but conservative. It is Anderskov at his best - visionary, spiritual, and surrounded by some of the leading musicians on the planet within the lingo spoken here.

Anderskov says, “I am very thrilled about this album. It contains 7 of my compositions plus a short collective setup improvisation, around one hour of music. It brings together different threads in my production in a way I have dreamed about for some time. It draws upon the grand-scale music I have composed for a.o. Anderskov Accident & Copenhagen Art Ensemble, and yet has a spirit and a kind of awareness also found in my small groups and my solo work. I think that we basically hit a new way of approaching the quartet format, like I had envisioned. Plus, I think the album has a uniquely soothing vibe around it, just we felt it while making it.

The title [Agnostic Revelations] came to me a few weeks after the recording. It points to certain contemporary conditions of life (“agnostic” as in not believing, yet embracing the doubt), and at the same time, it savours the idea of the revelatory, quasi-religious experience that art can be.”


  • Chris Speed, tenor sax & clarinet
  • Jacob Anderskov, acoustic piano
  • Michael Formanek, double bass
  • Gerald Cleaver, drums

Release Date: January 4th, 2010
Catalogue Number: ILK163CD

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