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Ibrahim Electric: Rumours from Outer Space

Ibrahim Electric: Rumours from Outer Space

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Release date: 29-09-2014

The album marks the beginning of a new era, in history of the band, in which the Band traverses the known universe searching for extraterrestrial musical beings. Their journey begins with the coincidental discovery of a strange object, which later turns out to be a spaceship from a long forgotten time. By activating the ship the band travel to the planet Xhinus, where new adventures awaits them. “Rumours from Outer Space” comprises 9 unique compositions based on Ibrahim Electrics experiences on this expedition.

The album will be released after a frantic summer, with the band featured at some of the most prestigious festivals around the globe, i.e. in USA, Canada, Spain and Norway.
IBRAHIM ELECTRIC has evolved into one of the most successful European instrumental bands, and has played in clubs and at festivals in more than 30 countries, on 5 continents, from Shanghai to Vancouver, from Monte-Carlo to Moscow, from Varanger to Casablanca, and from New York to São Paulo.

The trio consists of three influential instrumentalists, more precise, Guitarist Niclas Knudsen, drummer Stefan Pasborg and Hammond Organ player Jeppe Tuxen. These 3 personal instrumentalists have - besides the popularity with this group - made a name for themselves as some of the most striking on their respective instruments in Scandinavia.
Each of the band-members possess an extremely high level of musical ENERGY, and they have a mutual love for the pure energy in the music... This has made this unit extraordinary!

IBRAHIM ELECTRIC’s style has never been for the pedantic. There are elements of old fashioned soul/jazz – AFRObeat - 60’s acid-power-beat - and of course the trio’s trademark: the fast, almost punk-like passages in which the three musicians merge into one playful organism.

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