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Han Bennink Trio: Bennink & Co.

Han Bennink Trio: Bennink & Co.

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Release date: 05-11-2012

The legendary dutch drummer Han Bennink releases “Han Bennink & Co.” - a sequel to the acclaimed debut album “Parken“ from 2009 – on Danish leading avantgarde label ILK Music.

The music on “Bennink & Co” has a very broad spectre of qualities, and ranges from playing regular songs to taking off in adventurous abstract improvisations. The space between these extremes, is where Han Bennink Trio finds the joy of playing music. Slow transitions from one side to another and rapid changes in a stunning telepathic manner.    
Limits in jazz does not exist for 70 year old Han Bennink, and that's the reason why he has played with the world's giants, everywhere across the globe. Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, Eric Dolphy, Derek Bailey, Cecil Taylor – to name a few. And not the least the collaboration through 50 years with fellow dutch free spirit pianist Misha Mengelberg.

Joachim Badenhorst (30) is impressive in his versatility: he knows a wide variety of the jazz history; ranging from the Ellington horn section to as far as free jazz exponents such as Evan Parker. He has received several prices in Belgium, and has recently moved back to Antewerpen after 3 successful years travelling through the jazz, avantgarde and modern music scene with top- musicians in New York.

Simon Toldam (33) sends the music in different directions with his witty interventions. He is a controlled player, who adds subtle sound-colors and restricts his playing to what the composition really needs. Toldam is one of Scandinavia ́s most exiting and acclaimed musicians from the current generation. He has received 4 danish jazz grammies, among them the ”Rising Star” award of the danish music scene.

The release of Han Bennink & Co was celebrated on a European tour from November 1st to November 10th, taking the trio to Hungary, Belgium and Holland.     
“His (Han Bennink) first own trio is an exceptional and unique band. His debut as a bandleader so succesfull, that it wouldn't surprise anyone that Bennink might not want anything else anymore."
- Mischa Andriessen, Jazzenzo


Line up
Simon Toldam - Piano
Joachim Badenhorst - Saxophones and clarinet
Han Bennink - Drums

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