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Fosterchild: Dear Earthling

Fosterchild: Dear Earthling

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Release date: 25-10-2018

Catalogue. no. ILK295CD

Listening to Dear Earthling is to step into a universe which is deeply sensitive and intuitive, yet highly sophisticated in its proportions and dimensions. The music radiates space and magic, and at times creates a feeling of profound simplicity, while being at its core multidirectional if not to say rather complex.Uniting a post-jazz and contemporary music (Echtzeitmusic) -vibration, with a deeply existential introspection, it is the sound of surrendering to things grander than ourselves.

The musicians, based in Köln & Copenhagen, together form a wonderful match. Having started their collaboration in 2015, when Helm and Arends invited Anderskov to Köln, they instantly realized that their combination of personalities had a potential for granting magical dust to music unifying intuition and structure. Later they expanded the collaboration with several concerts in both DK and Germany, and added Gille and Tranberg, two of Europe’s leading horn players. In November 2018, Deutschlandfunk’s Harald Rehmann offered the ensemble three days in the large recording room in Cologne. These recordings have now been mixed and mastered - and the dialogical interplay is ignited and igniting…



“The eternal grapple of composition & improvisation dissolves here in astounding lightness, timbral nuances are virtually celebrated, dynamic shades reach down to the edge of audibility. Rarely before has a rhythm section of jazz so circumvented the expectations of their activity and merged into a sound painting as here... A great hour for European post free jazz” (Michael Rüsenberg - Jazz City - Germany)

40 highly concentrated minutes, and the impact is nothing less than remarkable (Fred Grand - Jazz Journal - UK)

With its originality and style the quintet takes the listener on a fascinating journey into the unknown and unpredictable and masters, in a nice and open way, to combine the courage to explore the new with the already experienced.  (Ivan Rod - Denmark)

The music is thoughtful and modern. (Jan Granlie - Salt Peanuts)

A masterful and never-ending game of contrasts between a gloomy atmosphere and crystal clear patches. (Georges Tonla Briquet - Jazz'halo)


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