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The Firebirds: Aladdin's Dream

The Firebirds: Aladdin's Dream

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Release date: 28-04-2017

The critically acclaimed trio The Firebirds is releasing their second album ALADDIN’S DREAM! The album is a tribute to the Danish composer Carl Nielsen, and the trio hereby continues their work with arranging classical orchestra pieces into their own unique blend of impro, surf, blues and avantgarde.


The album was among Recommended New Releases at NYC Jazz Record, July ´17 issue.

The album was also included in the Europe Jazz Media Chart, July 2017. (

The album was included in a series of releases that Jazz Special finds particularly interesting. "The Firebirds reaffirm a faceted work, which in passages brings breathless joy alternating with soul-feeding, melodic well-being." (- Jazz Special)

Once again, The Firebirds succeed in getting compelling instrumental tales out of an apparently impossible concept. (- Politiken)

"Respectful but radical, they take the work of the classical composer, slaughter the original intention of the composition and build a wild jazz house from it. The orgy is really fun and very entertaining." (Babyblaue-seiten (DE))

"The Firebirds challenges Nielsen assertion with great imagination, passion and a healthy sense of humor." (Free Jazz Blog)

"The Firebirds' exceptional new album exudes viability, curiousness and technical strength. Aladdin's Dream is a tribute to both, Carl Nielsen and to a compelling revitalization, which is like a fascinating and somewhat impeccable mix of contemporary music, chamber jazz and punkjazz." (- Gaffa)

"Despite being jazzy, unbound and improvisational in relation to Carl Nielsen's composition from the 19th century, they capture the soul of the music." (- Jazznyt, DK)

"[The Firebirds] refract Nielsen’s idiosyncratic, folk-inflected melodies through a skewed prism of surfer grooves, Afrobeat and downtown jazz, and the results provide equal stimulation for head, heart and hips." (- Irish Times)


Well recommended, charming and idiosyncratic jazz tribute. (- Nordische Musik)

"It seems that the three have found each other better this time." (- Salt Peanuts)

"Together with Filipsen (key) and Banke (sax, cl), Pasborg combines both a funky and vivacious brew of Nielsen's classics, and he does it with unmatched energy, effort and musicality." (Jazznyt, NO)

"One of Europe's most compelling ensembles".
(- NYC Jazz Record live review 2017)

"Novel and crisp sound" (- Jazzkaar 2017)

"Three movements from Nielsen's Aladdin Suite passed from exotic Arabic sonorities through sombre, church-service reverie to fiery free-jazz." (- All About Jazz live review 2017)

"Can a Jazz trio really play classical orchestra-pieces? For the three gentlemaen in The Firebirds no challenge seems big enough." (Gaffa, Live-review 2016).

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