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Elena Setién: Twelve Sisters

Elena Setién: Twelve Sisters

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Rlease date: 08-03-2013

On her new record »Twelve Sisters«, Elena Setién has reinvented herself as a songwriter and singer. A conscious change in her attitude towards her music, has resulted in a new sound that cultivates the purity of the songs and storytelling as an element. An epic atmosphere is carefully build around the songs, from Strucks film-noir like guitar riffs which casually yet precisely punctures the light and elegant play of Westergaard and Bruun.

Elena explaining her musical universe:
"My new album, »Twelve Sisters« is a lyrical, imaginative fantasy created from almost true stories, wondrous tales and some hard facts, from my Spanish family ... Long time ago, some found fortune in Cuba, others in Mexico ... Some stayed in the same place all their life and reaching hundred years of age, while others died young ... »Twelve Sisters« is about looking at an old family photograph, it might happen that you recognize a part of yourself in the sad, distant gaze of an old aunt, the defiant look of a small boy or quiet smile of some far-removed cousin. As a small piece of weed – though cut – keeps shooting up in the same place, so do the same character traits, quirks and inherent stubbornness, luck or good looks; reappearing through generations, and in a small way living on through us.
Dedicated to all my family those of the past, those that are here now and those who will arrive later."

Elena Setién – Spanish/Basque singer, living in Denmark since 2002 – has for five years toured with the duo Little Red Suitcase and played in a number of danish, as well as international festivals such as: Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Grenoble Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival and Moers Festival, having resulted in a number of fine reviews (See In Denmark they have created their own little brand in the danish jazz environment and have been nominated three times »Best Vocal Jazz-album of the Year« by the Danish Jazz Awards.

Elena Setien - Vocal, piano, violin, viola
Jonas Struck - Guitar
Jonas Westergaard - Bass
Peter Bruun - Drums

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