Kresten Osgood, Prins Nitram & Snöleoparden: Du Ka Svøm
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Kresten Osgood, Prins Nitram & Snöleoparden: Du Ka Svøm

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Du Ka Svøm (meaning You Can Swim) is an all star trio consisting of 3 of the most creative and versatile musicians on the Danish music scene: Jonas Stampe aka Snöleoparden/The Snowleopard, Martin Ullits Dahl aka Prins Nitram and Kresten Osgood.

The music on this release is a mix of songs; some composed, some created on the spot and all recorded in April 2020. All three members of the band sing and write lyrics and all are multi-instrumentalists. Ullits Dahl plays drums, bass and guitar, Osgood plays keys and drums and Stampe plays guitar and bass. 

Snöleoparden is known for his collaboration with the great Ravi Shankar and for his many experiments in electronic music. He is an instrument builder and singer and has collaborated with many artists on the Pakistani scene and in Bali and Java. He is also a blues guitarist.

Martin Ullits Dahl is a vocalist and singer/songwriter who has collaborated with Django Bates and writes music for the Royal Theatre. He is also a member of such cult bands as 1000LAX and Eggs Laid By Tigers.

Kresten Osgood has worked with everybody from Yusef Lateef and Sam Rivers to Billy Preston and Paul Bley. He is a drummer, pianist and rapper who expresses himself in every musical style imaginable. 

The music includes inspired moments of free improvisation to texts ranging from the hilarious to the rather serious. It's impossible to categorise this group and even more impossible to categorise the music on this release. Each track is a different universe, it's the abundance of musical energy and innovation that links them together. 

Catalogue #: ILK317LP
Release date: 15-12-2020

Kresten Osgood: Piano, Orgel, Trommer, Vokal, Text, Synth
Snöleoparden: Guitar, E-Guitar, Vokal, Text, Bass, Tamburin
Prins Nitram: Bas, Trommer, Vokal, Text, Guitar, E-Guitar