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BUSK: Nur Eins

BUSK: Nur Eins

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The members of the trio; Thomas Rehling, Lasse Ehn and Anders Filipsen have created an album that is stripped down to the pure essentials.

Bassist Thomas Rehling explains about the music:

”First and foremost it’s a soundscape that is characterized by nature – a serious, but also liberating music, that we’ve worked on quite a while before recording. It’s filled with sounds that connect to forces of nature such as storm, wind, rain and sun, in a form that leaves much space for improvisation.”
The expression of the music is primarily focused on silence and peace. This gives the music an elastic nature with rocking meditative features. The music is composed by all three musicians, and is placed in the borderland in-between composition and improvisation, with sound ideals from Thelonious Monk and free improv, as well as modern classical music and expressionism. A central feature of the record is the richness of images contained in the music – a focus from the three musicians that first and foremost is fostered by the their ability to dwell in the details. This focus is often heard in the meeting of the harmonies, which are both peaceful and at times wild. In these meetings frictions are made, as well as balance, whilst the voices unite. A minimalistic album that continually seeks a balance of peacefulness and restlessness.
About BUSK
The three musicians met during their time at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and have worked close together during the last 5 years. Individually they have released critically acclaimed albums with groups such as The White Nothing, Sound of Polarity, LoFi and Travelling Tribes and have worked with such diverse artists as John Tchicai, Michael Blake, Marius Neset, Kresten Osgood, Lotte Anker and Marc Lohr.

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