Book of Sounds

119,00 kr

Release date: 22-06-2015

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Everybody ready, steady.....” need not be blared over the air since Book of Sounds is already there. Composer/conductor Anders Provis is alert behind the drum kit while his cronies, the oak-wood bass player Nils Bosse Davidsen and the two aerophonists, Albert Raft and Anders Banke, are eager to play the band’s brand of neo-jazz that set out with a vigorous trinity of tone, harmony and rhythm.

Book of Sounds unfold a wide spectrum of swing, funk and beyond with arranged compositions as springboards for the inspiration of the moment, with all four of them in full control so that the listener is taken along instead of left behind - an absolute quality in this kind of musical effusion. Now the world just needs to discover how challenging music can also be generally fascinating, so take the plunge and order a Book of Sounds!

(according to TS Høeg/2015)

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