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Boelger - Lydkollektivet Newclear

Boelger - Lydkollektivet Newclear

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Release date: 31-01-2020
Digital EP (A download link for mp3 and wav files will be available after payment)

Boelger release is a collection of sci-fi and psychedelic instrumental landscapes that surrounds vocal stories about our relationship with living and dying. The music is created in a unique collaboration where the different band members are connected and able to improvise with each others sounds. Together this creates a delicate mix between electronic manipulated sound, acoustic sound, and field recordings. The inspirations are diverse and come from a.o. ambient, serial music, krautrock, west-african and east-asian music.

The collective is known for their curiosity for sound aesthetics and musictraditions from other continents, which creates a dense experience of experimentation with soundscapes, and the minimalist contemplation with simple musical processes and series of tones. The record is recorded and mixed by Jens Benz, known from his collaborations with a.o. Ice Age and Bisse. Benz’s work with tape-recorders and his rough productions creates an exciting interplay with the grandios synth landscapes.

Catalogue #: ILK297

Line-up: Anders Filipsen, Victor Dybbroe and Emil Jensen 

Boelger video
Accompanying the EP is a video created by the artist Jakob Steen for the titelsong ‘Boelger’. An abstract videopainting that was created in a joint improvisation between the collective and Jakob Sten. The group visited Steen in his remote atelier and through hours of improvisation the foundation for Steen’s visual expression for this video was created.

About Lydkollektivet NEWCLEAR
The collective is Anders Filipsen, Victor Dybbroe and Emil Jensen that has worked together over a decade creating various projects a.o. the DMA-winning group Traveling Tribes that toured in Scandinavia and Germany. The three musicians are known from bands such as Girls in Airports, The Black Nothing and NEW KIDS. In 2017 Lydkollektivet NEWCLEAR was formed to realize a dream about creating music that focuses on sonic storytelling. The group has previously created soundinstallations and music for films, the latest of which was ‘Nobody Dives Without Eyes Wide Open’ - a co-production with the visual artist Anders Morre Pedersen that premiered on CPH:DOX 2019. A movie that evolves around death-rituals, and where ‘Boelger’ forms an essential auditive frame.

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