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Anderskov Accident: Unity of Action

Anderskov Accident: Unity of Action

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UNITY OF ACTION (out now on CD & LP) is the second album by ANDERSKOV ACCIDENT, being the follow-up to their debut album “Anderskov Accident”, which received the Danish Music Award Jazz 2003 as “Jazz Discovery of the Year”.

The music of Anderskov Accident is about unifying opposites. Edgy innovation meets and unites with the straight down beautiful. Groovy meets melodious, and high expressiveness is placed in a natural forward flow. Short and longer stories are told with raw energy, heart and soul along with mania and melancholy. Odd meters and mysterious rhythms are played hairily groovy – with a lot of personal freedom.

This music is visionary and warm-blooded. It is liquid, sparkling and intuitive yet subtly structured. Unconventional compositions and grooves are mixed with great musical reserve, giving the music an inner balance and a true spontaneity.

The result is honest, unpolished - and an emotionally powerful experience. This truly is the album elevating ANDERSKOV ACCIDENT up the ladder. Accommodating both the open-minded listener and the wild at heart.

Double Danish Music Award winner Jacob Anderskov received in 2004 the Danish Government Art Foundation’s prestigious 3-year Composers Working Grant, as one of the youngest rhythmic composers ever.


  • Kasper Tranberg: trumpet & cornet
  • Laura Toxværd: alto sax & clarinet
  • Ned Ferm: tenor sax
  • Anders Banke: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax & tenor sax
  • Peter Dahlgren: trombone
  • Jacob Anderskov: rhodes
  • Jeppe Skovbakke: bass
  • Rune Kielsgaard: drums

Release Date: May 30th, 2005
Catalogue number: ILK106CD/LP

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