Anders Filipsen: Waiting Music

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‘Waiting Music’ by Danish pianist, synth player and composer Anders Filipsen is a tribute to the process of deepening created through eclectic synthesizer-soundscapes.

The focus point for ‘Waiting Music’ is anticipation. To sense the deeper intense experience of something by stepping back and let things take their course. This has been a decisive element in the creation of waiting music and also in the final manifestation.

Anders Filipsen wishes to create a focus on the importance of actions, that has no other purpose than being present. A being that inevitably slows things down and increases our appreciation of the small things. The idea for the music came from a specific experience on Knippels-bridge in Copenhagen: “The bridge goes up and intuitively I anticipate that everyone will look at their phone and be frustrated by the fact that they can’t go on with their daily doings. But no! A peace-fullness filled the air, and it seemed that everyone quietly accepted the fact that they had to wait. It inspired me to create moods, that can open up our minds for waiting.”

The music is created with four synths in live-takes without further editing, and is often circular, melodic and ambient. Inspirations from people such as Brian Eno, Terry Riley and Roedelius can be heard as well as the new-wave scene from Japan in the 1980’s has inspired. As a forerunner for the release Anders Filipsen has in the past year released short films for each track, that presents 12 locations, where he has experienced this depth of spirit.

Catalogue #: ILK318LP
Release date: 29-01-2021

- Anders Filipsen: Composition and Synths

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