Matt Choboter's Hypnagogia: Anima Revisited
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Matt Choboter's Hypnagogia: Anima Revisited

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Formed in 2020 and based out of Copenhagen, Hypnagogia brings together a gifted cast of international musicians and improvisers including Anders Banke (Alberto Gismonti, Jim Black, Django Bates), Francesco Bigoni (Maria Faust, Benoît Delbecq) and Matias Seibæk (Jeppe Just).

Matt Choboter’s Hypnagogia is releasing its first album “Anima Revisited” for ILK Music on Nov. 26th, 2o21. In July 2021, Hypnagogia released its first video on NPR (National Public Radio U.S.A) Live sessions and later performed to a sold-out crowd at Concert Church for the 2021 Copenhagen International Jazz Festival.

This six-piece post-jazz ensemble might be described as a night of restless sleep, ripe with trance like fantasy and transitional states, between the dream world and wakefulness. Disorientation, ambiguity and illusion are created through a delicate balance of South Indian rhythm, post-romantic melody and kaleidoscopic group sound with continuous and shifting improvisation.

Multi award-winning Canadian pianist/composer, Matt Choboter has recorded and performed with diverse artists like Peter Bruun, Trichy Sankaran, Maria Faust and John Gross. A member of Inner Circle Music (NY), Songlines (CA) and now ILK Music (DK), his music has been described as “post-jazz of a distinctly personalized kind” (Ron Schepper, Textura).

Catalogue #: ILK330LP
Release date: 26-11-2021

Matt Choboter – compositions, prepared piano
Francesco Bigoni – clarinet, tenor saxophone
Anders Banke – bass clarinet
Luca Sguera – keyboard & sound design
Matias Seibæk – percussion
Jan Kadereit – modified drum kit


"This is an exciting record, which takes both classical music and jazz into other and new areas."
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts