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Qarin Wikström: Ping Pong Punktum

Qarin Wikström: Ping Pong Punktum

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Ping Pong Punktum is a result of a collaboration Qarin Wikström has had with fellow musician/sound artist Herman Müntzing and visual artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen.

The vision was to create an audio–visual experience in a physical form, that in format resembles the read along story books one might remember from childhood; a story recorded on a cassette, a specific sound that guides you when to turn the page in a book with pictures and text. Thus, this is not a children’s story book, but an audio/ book release for an unspecified age group with curiosity towards sounds and images of an open and abstract character. The music is based on free improvisation, using analogue electronics and experimenting sound manipulations.

The title Ping Pong Punktum, is referring to the applied working method; in every aspect a ping-pong exchanging of ideas and interpretations of artistic statements between the three. Together, they investigated processes of interpreting and translating sound content into visual content, and optical input into auditory output, by utilizing one another’s mediums and vocabularies as vehicles of conversion.

Created as it is, in times of global pandemic, unstable political circumstances and se- vere climate crises, both audio and visuals bears witness of darkness and despair, but nevertheless there are inserts of hope and otherworldly Dadaistic everyday energy, in the midst of disillusion.

Catalogue #: ILK316
Release date: December 11th, 2020

Herman Müntzing – electronics, machines, keys
Qarin Wikström – electronics, keys, voice


"It's joyful, sad, pleasant, annoying, strange and familiar”
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

"Ping Pong Punktum [has] been conceived and developed as a whole - a meeting between music, sound art and visual art. And as such, it emerges: powerful, mysterious, complex - with a magnetic and massive mix of artistic expressions that together open up for several interpretations.
- Ivan Rod

"both music and pictures feel intimate, inviting and exciting. As an outline for a colorful and remarkable adventure, which the listener-viewer herself can continue to add to."
- Kristoffer Møllegaard, Seismograf

"Also interesting as an apocalyptic party game in which everyone in turn gives interpretations of what they see and hear."
Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz'Halo

"Herlig stygt-fint og veldig annerledes.”
- Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen


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