Qarin Wikström

  Qarin Wikström is a swedish singer and composer situated in Copenhagen.
She´s the leader of Kostcirkeln and co-leader of Sekten (reciever of a danish music award for the album "annars är det tyst") and Attaboy (nominee to a danish music award for the album "oværkliga saker"), all three bands on ILK. 
She´s also co-leader of bands on other labels such as Babakarej, Big bombastic collective (with an earlier release on ILK) and Rhododendron string band.

Her musicality lives in the outskirts of jazz; a blend of genres and sounds that refers to pop, avantgarde, nordic folklore and swedish funk from the 70´s.
She appears on recordings with other prize-winning bands such as Efterklang and Grammofunch.
Apart from band activities, she´s also active as a composer and choir arranger in various dance performances, theater plays and art installations.