Anders Filipsen



Award-winning Danish pianist/keyboardist and composer, Anders Filipsen (b. 1979), is a young name on the Danish Avant-garde scene. Primarily focused on mixing improvised and composed music within a wide range of musical genres. Educated from the Rhythmical Conservatory in Copenhagen and member of Danish record –and artist collective ILK since 2011. He has been an initiator of festivals evolving around free-improvisation with music as well as dance. His tonal-language is inspired by real sounds as well as modern/avant-garde jazz and contemporary classical music. He has written for larger ensembles and small groups, has amongst others worked and played with people such as John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Sofia Jernberg, Liudas Mockunas, Stefan Pasborg, Marc Lohr and groups such as Superhands, Travelling Tribes and The Firebirds. Filipsen toured and played at festivals in Denmark, Europe and USA with various groups. He is involved in groups such as his The Black Nothing/The White Nothing, Travelling Tribes, LoFi, BUSK and The Firebirds.


Filipsen released several award-nominated and critically acclaimed albums, as well as having appeared as a sideman on different projects. He was nominated for a Danish Music Award, as jazz composer of the year in 2011, for his debut album with his nonet ‘The White Nothing’, and was nominated 5 times in 2013 for 2 different releases. Has furthermore worked as a film composer on short films, documentaries and art projects. Has received support from amongst others The Danish Art-council and won the Talent price from Unidanmark.