Collection: Jesper Løvdal

Jesper Løvdal aka Lovedale is an artist in constant development. Coming from the jazztradition listening to Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong as a child he is still on a journey that involves improvisation in all its forms. His cooperations with such masters as Gunther Baby Sommer and Butch Lacy as well as the ILK-family has brought him far and stil kept a strong red thread through his work. His music has an intensity and energy that is rare, and reaches after the magic of the moment. Both as an improviser and composer Jesper Løvdal has a warmth, a personality and a strong bond to the audience that becomes part of every performance. Løvdal is concerned about the whole environment around the music and is also working politically and organizational to spread the love of the music.

He keeps on finding inspiration in his own neighborhood as well as from the other side of the planet. Listen and improvise as most loved principles of life.