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Shitney: Post Vocal

Shitney: Post Vocal



Shitney – aka Maria Faust (EST) on saxophone and effects; Qarin Wikström (SE) on vocals, keyboards, and electronics; and Katrine Amsler (DK) on a small army of homemade string and spring instruments, electronics, and programmed drums – was formed in 2015 to explore the confines and contrasts of the acoustic/electric sonic pallet.

Their first release, 2017’s EARTH CORE, was a series of experimental improvisations based on the titular subject matter: an imagined excavation of metals and chemicals, and an investigation of physical laws and paradoxes. The album received critical acclaim and a Danish Music Award nomination as Experimental Jazz Album of the Year.

On POST VOCAL - their new recording and second on ILK Music - the trio pivots to even darker, apocalyptic territory while fusing a bold and overtly feminist mentality with their ever-developing mindsets and musical voices. Together, the members of Shitney attack and examine the genre they have named “Post Vocal'' from a multitude of angles and offer a poignant critique of structural bias, masculinity, and misogyny... in the past, present, and assumed future of “modern” society.

Faust, Wikström, and Amsler once again marry the organic with the synthetic as they shed new light on ancient themes and resonate with unmistakable relevance in 2021.

Catalogue #: ILK327LP
Release date: 25-June-2021

Katrine Amsler - Micro Guitar, Awillo Springs, Lyra Organismic Synthesizer, Drum Programming
Qarin Wikström - Vocals, Electronics, N/I
Maria Faust - Saxophone, Effects


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