Toxværd/Toldam/Mazur - Pladeshop & Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 1 & Part 2 - out 1st of July!

Carsten Dahl Dødens Garderobe Jonas Vestergaard Laura Toxværd Marilyn Mazur Raymond Strid Simon Toldam


Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 1 Feat. Carsten Dahl (special guest), Raymond Strid & Jonas Westergaard  & Laura Toxværd Compositions Part 2 with Dødens Garderobe are two new White Label Series releases #6 & #7, presenting the final sonic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project.

The musicians perform Toxvaerd’s compositions notated as graphic scores which are shown in Toxvaerd’s book Compositions – 18 Graphic scores by Danish publisher Forlaget Spring. The art book with her reflective texts about her artistic process is the final graphic result of Toxvaerd’s artistic research project as an adjunct lecturer at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen. The albums are each released digitally & on 45 numbered, handwritten vinyls.

Pladeshop by Laura Toxvaerd, Simon Toldam & Marilyn Mazur is the album #5 on ILK’s White Label Series released digitally & on 40 numbered, handwritten vinyls. The recording session of this album was the musicians’ first musical meeting.

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