ILK Sessions at Jazzhus Montmartre

ILK Sessions at Jazzhus Montmartre

During This year’s Vinterjazz festival ILK opens a new and exciting collaboration with the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre. Over the course of six Tuesdays from February to April ILK has curated an gathered 12 unique acts especially for this koncert series. Invited special guests include Cæcilie Trier (DK), Thomas Lehn (DE), Evan Parker (UK), Thomas Strønen (NO), Pat Thomas (UK), Raymond Strid (SE), Siv Øyunn Kjenstad (NO) and Sten Sandell (SE).


More info and RSVP links:

12/2: Davidsen/Nørbo Duo + Solborg/Bigoni/Lehn

26/2: Laura Toxværd/Cæcilie Trier + Silence Trio 3

12/3: Parker/Solborg/Bruun + Anderskov/AC/Høyer

26/3: Snekkestad/Kjærgaard + Ericson/Thomas/Strid

9/4: Qarin/Siv + Toldam/Snekkestad/Bruun/Wangreen

23/4: Duo Campanula + Anker/Sandell Duo

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