ILK Sessions at 5e ♪July 8-11

ILK Sessions at 5e ♪July 8-11

The spectacular ILK Sessions are BACK this summer! 

Despite the odds the frontrunners from the artist collective ILK will feature 12 concerts with original avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds this summer. Join us July 8-11 and enjoy LIVE music in an intimate, yet corona-friendly setting at our favourite spot, the old slaughterhouse ‘5e’ in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district.

The program will feature an unpredictable and intense melting pot of tradition, avantgarde and innovation delivered with a burning love for the music from Müntzing & Q, Bøje/Friis/Toldam, MORANNON - Tranberg/Ericson/Davidsen/Osgood, Anders Filipsen Solo, Dörner/Bigoni/Solborg/Toldam (DK/DE/ITA), Bruun/Kjærgaard, Laura Toxværd solo, Solborg/Banke/Heebøll, Kresten Osgood Quintet, Kasper Tranberg Suite Dilation Solo, Mokuto Trio, Kresten Osgood Trio

The 5e-bar will be serving food and drinks. 


Due to Covid-19 we have limited capacity and we recommend you buy your tickets in presale via: The remaining tickets will be available at the door  

During the event all guidelines from the Danish authorities will be followed - including lots of sanitizing and a social distancing friendly environment.

Find the entire program info below & at


Wednesday JULY 8th

Müntzing & Q (DE/DK)- 19:00

Bøje/Friis/Toldam - 20:30

MORANNON - Tranberg/Ericson/Davidsen/Osgood - 22:00



Anders Filipsen Solo - 19:00

Dörner/Bigoni/Solborg/Toldam (DK/DE/ITA) - 20:30

Template - 22:00



Laura Toxværd solo - 19:00

Solborg/Banke/Heebøll (DK) - 20:30

Kresten Osgood Quintet - 22:00



Kasper Tranberg - Suite Dilation - Solo Trumpet & Cornet - 19:00

Mokuto Trio - 20:30

Template - 22:00


The ILK sessions are supported by:

KODA Kultur, Statens Kunstfond, Musikforlæggerne, DMF, Goethe Institut, 5e 

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