ILK Sessions at 5e (10 Year Anniversary Edition) // July 3 - 11

36 concerts with avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds :: July 3-11 :: DJs every night :: Food and drinks in the cozy cobblestone alley :: Official venue, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

For 10 years the frontrunners at ILK have played new music hybrids, avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds in the intimate and raw setting of 5e – an old slaughterhouse in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district. This year the artist run collective is returning to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with an amazing program of 36 concerts featuring an unpredictable and intense melting pot of tradition, avantgarde and innovation delivered with a burning love for music.

The daily concerts feature a mix of solo acts, established bands and new constellations plus several exciting international guests including Roger Turner (UK), Emanuele Maniscalco (IT), Margaux Oswald (CH), Christopher Dell (DE), Tobias Wiklund (SE), Susana Santos Silva (PT), Marc Ducret (FR), Liudas Mockunas (LT) & Almut Kühne (DE).

Between concerts a group of reputable DJs will play in the cozy cobblestone alley in front of 5e, where food and drinks are also served.

ILK Sessions at Copenhagen Jazz Festival are part of an exciting series of concerts spanning 2021 that celebrates musical meetings. The series were kicked off with a livestreaming session at The Lake Radio and will continue through 2021 with concerts at KoncertKirken, H15, 5e, Brorsons Kirke and more.


Korpset - 17.00
Ericson/Klapper/Fite feat. Roger Turner (SE/GB) - 20.00
Lotte Anker Subhabitat - 21:15
TBA - 22.30

DJ: Rasmus Cleve

ZAV (DK) - 17.00
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (IT/DK) - 20:00
Simon Toldam Trio (DK) - 21:15
Shitney (DK/EST) - 22:30

DJ: Kresten Osgood

Jesper Løvdal Duo (DK) - 17:00
Oswald/Ericson/Berre (CH/NO/SE) - 20:00
Anker/Kurzman (DK/AU) - 21:15
Strange Brothers (DK) - 22:30
DJ: Randi Pontoppidan

Immun (DK) - 17:00
Stefan Pasborg/Jeppe Zeeberg/Jakob Munck (DK) - 20:00
Klökkeblömst (DK) - 21:15
KöKø #6 (DK/DE) - 22:30

DJ: Anders Melgaard

Søren Kjærgaard Musica Mundana feat. Dell, Westergaard, Osgood (DK/DE) - 17:00
Dell/Westergaard/Lillinger (DK/DE) - 20:00
Kjærgaard/Westergaard/Bruun TRIO (DK) - 21:15
Teeth (DK/SE/NO) - 22:30

DJ: Oliver Hoiness

Lucatelli - Ericson - Müntzing - Berre (BRA/SE/NO) - 17:00
Jacob Anderskov ANTERIOR CURRENT (DK) - 20:00
Scram feat. Dawda Jobarteh (INT) - 21:15
STORK (DK/SE) - 22:30
Kresten Osgood Trio (DK/US) - 23:30

DJ: Kasper Jepsen

Søren Kjærgaard Solo (DK) - 17:00
Kresten Osgood Kvintet (DK/SE/NO) - 20:00
Mark Solborg TUNGEMÅL feat. Santos Silva, Toldam & Bruun (PT/DK) - 21:15
Emerald (DK) - 22:30
Dawda Jobarteh/Stefan Pasborg Duo (GM/DK) - 23:30

DJ: TS Høeg

Solborg/Banke/Heebøll (DK) - 17:00
Marc Ducret "SHOUT" (DK/FR) - 20:00
Liudas Mockunas, Jacob Anderskov, Stefan Pasborg - “MAP - 20 years after” (DK/LT) - 21:15
Du Ka Svøm (DK) -22:30

DJ: Lotte Anker

AC/Berg/Wiklund/Toldam (DK/SE) - 17:00
Müntzing/Wikström (SE) - 20:00
Almut Kühne, Francesco Bigoni, Mark Solborg (DE/IT/DK) - 21:15
DOOM vs. M. Rexen (DK/NO/UK) - 22:30

DJ: Jomi Massage

- A corona-pas is required
- We have limited capacity and we recommend buying your tickets in presale via: The remaining tickets will be available at the door
- During the event all guidelines from the Danish authorities will be followed - including lots of sanitizing and a social distancing friendly environment.

The ILK sessions are supported by:
KODA Kultur
Statens Kunstfond
Københavns Kommune

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