ILK Sessions #9 - Yngel + Myhr/Lønning/Danstrup/Mazur

ILK Sessions #9 - Yngel + Myhr/Lønning/Danstrup/Mazur

The ILK Sessions 2021 is on!

This evening featuring the exciting guitar-duo YNGEL and a fine finale on this years ILK/BlowOut PULS koncerts led by bassman Peter Danstrup with Helga Myhr, Eivind Lønnnig and the amazing Marilyn Mazur.
Doors open at 19:30
Tickets at the door: 100/50
Helga Myhr (NO) - Hardangerfele
Eivind Lønning (NO) - trumpet
Peter Danstrup (DK) - bass
Marilyn Mazur (NO) - percussion & drums

ILK/Blowout sessions 5th & 7th of december 2021
In the series of nordic collaborative concerts, bassist Peter Danstrup has assembled an exciting team of Danish and Norwegian musicians: Eivind Lønning (trumpet), Helga Myhr (hardanger fiddle), Marilyn Mazur (drums) and Peter Danstrup (bass guitar).

Helga Myhr has brought the Norwegian folk music instrument - which is a variant of the violin with resonant strings - into improvisational music with convincing strength, Lønning's trumpet playing, in combination with electronics, has already resonated internationally and Marilyn Mazur has established herself on the global jazz scene after playing with top greats like Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter in the 1980s. Danstrup has had a long collaboration with Mazur in groups such as Six Winds and Mazur / Markussen Group and is otherwise one of the most diligent composers on the Danish jazz scene at the moment. The main title of the music is improvisation and lyrical sound surfaces added to curiosity and a desire for adventure.

The quartet will play in Copenhagen on Sunday 5/12 on H15 and in Oslo at Kafe Hærverk 7/12.
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