This August, the Cologne Jazzweek has initiated a new collaboration by inviting the ILK collective to curate a three-day Danish/German program during the festival.

Cologne Jazzweek (CJW), founded in 2020, has achieved great recognition so far, and in 2022 the festival won a Deutscher Jazz Preis for this year's festival. Entering its third round, CJW will take place from August 12 to 18, 2023. Spread over 17 stages, more than 50 concerts with over 200 musicians from all over the world have been programmed, including numerous world premieres.

In collaboration with JazzDanmark, and as part of the initiative NEUSTART, ILK and Cologne-based artists will take over the venue LOFT. Working closely with selected Cologne residents and Cologne Jazzweek’s Artistic Director, Janning Trumann, we have put together a terrific and diverse program featuring Danish/German artists and ensembles in mixed constellations. Starting Wednesday, August 16, Copenhagen’s ILK Collective transforms LOFT into an ILK Zone. The international collaboration lies at the heart of ILK's artistic ethos, and we can’t wait!

For years, many musicians from ILK have continuously fostered the German-Danish connection through collaborations, performing on both sides of the border. Ensembles and partners in crime include Paul Lovens, Axel Dörner, Ute Wassermann, The electrics, the quartet moLd, Johannes Bauer, Christian Lillinger, Burkhard Beins, Thomas Lehn and the Kühne/Bigoni/Solborg research project HANDS - just to mention a few. Much of the music has been released on ILK.

In recent years, ILK members Jacob Anderskov and Kasper Tranberg have been part of the project Fosterchild with Cologne-based artists David Helms, Sebastian Gilles and Fabian Arends. The band will appear at the residency in an extended version. Additionally, ILK members Lotte Anker, Kasper Tranberg, Mark Solborg, Francesco Bigoni, Peter Bruun, and Qarin Wikström will all perform in different constellations with local musicians, Fabian Arends, David Helms, Sebastian Gille, Jonas Engel, Axel Dörner, Marlies Debacker, Etienne Nillesen, Elisabeth Coudoux, Phillip Zoubek, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Uli Kempendorf, and Almut Kühne.

So join ILK at Cologne Jazzweek from August 16-18!


ILK x CJW Day 1:
Lotte Anker w. Hübsch, DeBacker & Nillesen

ILK x CJW Day 2:
Fosterchild Extended
Elisabeth Coudoux & Lotte Anker

ILK x CJW Day 3:
Kempendorff, Bruun & Zoubek
Kühne/Bigoni/Solborg - HANDS & Axel Dörner

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