ILK Live at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Ten days

Fifty four concerts
Countless unique experiences

ILK Music invites you to an extravaganza of uncompromising music at our venue 5e during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015. 

This years concert series consists of 54 concerts featuring the ILKs in various constellations as well as guest appearances from Christian Lillinger, Gerald Cleaver, Alex Dörner, Chris Speed, Marc Ducret, Christopher Dell and many others.

Our venue 5e is a raw old slaughterhouse located in the old meatpacking district in Copenhagen that now functions as a modern community house. Next door from 5e the eatery Spisehuset will open their doors, where you can enjoy fine dining as well as street food at an affordable price.

The ILK concerts at 5e have been praised from NYC to Trondheim and Kim Faber from the Danish newspaper Politiken gives his praise as well: “I wish that many, many more would head out to the slaughterhouse to get an experience that will include both ear scuffing and clear brainwork. Amen”

ILK guarantees great music experiences that will light up your festival. Go get some ILK! 



Friday, July 3rd
16.30 Emanuele Maniscalco Solo
18.00 Snekkestad/Bruun Duo
20.00 Nils Davidsen Trio
21.30 Rexen/Solborg Duo
23.00 Pencer, Cardinaux/Osgood
00.30 Osgood funks it up on the organ for you


Saturday, July 4th
16.30 Simon Toldam Trio
18.00 Angel
20.00 Book of Sounds
21.30 Søren Kjærgaard Quartet
23.00 Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke
00.30 Osgood funks it up on the organ for you


Sunday, July 5th
16.30 Klökkeblömst
18.00 Contrabassclarinet Quartet
20.00 Søren Kjærgaard Trio
21.30 Ericson/Russell/Solberg
23.00 Kuehne/Ullmann/Osgood


Monday, July 6th
16.30 Christian Lillinger w. guests
18.00 Jakob Davidsen & Lift
20.00 The Living Room + Nate Wooley
21.30 Christian Lillinger w. guests
23.00 Morten Pedersen Kvintet


Tuesday, July 7th
16.30 Lillinger/Dell/Westergaard
18.00 Chagas/Hällkvist/Sieben/Bjerre
19.30 Habitable Exomusics (Anderskov/Davidsen/Cleaver)
21.30 Per Oddvar Johansen Trio
23.00 Anker/Flaten/Cleaver

For extended program with band descriptions please go to or find the official jazz festival app CPHJAZZ in your app store

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