Latest ILK records are praised world wide!

19 jan. 2012

The latest five ILK albums - all released in the fall, are praised by reviewers from New York to Bergen – here's a pick of the opinions:


Kjærgaard, Street, Cyrille: FEMKLANG

  • Selected "Best Releases Of 2011 - Album of the Year” in The New York City Jazz Record (Formerly All About Jazz New York) (US)
  • Selected "Best Releases Of 2011" - Editor's Choice, All About Jazz (US)
  • ★★★★★★ (6/6) "Impressive jazz trio … Here we enter a large sonic space where every single note has an almost overwhelming value and force." - Bergenske Tidende (NO)
  • ★★★★★☆ (5/6) "... it's first and foremost Kjærgaard's brilliantly luminous playing that creates the decisive moments of beauty and depth on the album as a whole" - Aarhus Stiftstidende (DK)
  • ♥♥♥♥♡♡ (4/6) - Politiken (DK)
  • "With Femklang, Kjærgaard, Street and Cyrille have reached their musical apotheosis so far, but there is no telling what the group will be able to do in the future. Their interplay radiates with the endless possibilities of art and in every effort, they seem to capture some of the elusiveness of musical creation." - All About Jazz (US)
  • "With Femklang, Kjærgaard has made yet an unavoidable trio album that will beam for a long time." - Jazznyt (DK)
  • “ ... dreaming, almost casual, and yet a deeply consciuos use of a silenced expression.” – Dagbladet Information (DK)
  • “This is avant-garde jazz that can be appreciated by both fans and non-fans alike. Accessible without sacrificing any of its heart.” – Bird Is The Worm (US)
  • "… one common languague that enables us as listeners to be accompanied beautifully throughout the album and followed to the doorsteps … with a sense of having been on a meaningful and deeply felt journey". - Jazzspecial (DK)


LoFi feat. Højgaard: SOUNDS & SONGS

  • “There is no pleasin’ the listener, no tradional harmonies and very few singable melodies. In return the pianist Anders Filipsen, drummer Marc Lohr and saxophonist Jeppe Højgaard presents a violent, but infectious energetic music. This trio is extremely experimental and the music is overall edgy, unsightly and wild." – Århus Stiftstidende (DK)
  •  “The three musicians has created a brave album, that on the surface is a mess. Fortunately the music only requires the listener to sit down and listen. Then it is both coherent and meaningful.” Jazznyt
  • " remains a very fine album that only gets better every time you listen" - Geiger (DK)


 Hopscotch – Bigoni/Solborg/Brow: HOPSCOTCH

  • "..The three musicians compliment each other perfectly with no one musician standing alone but all acting together. …All the players have strong voices. Bigoni's sax almost cries at times such as on the lovely frail sounding '2' and his tune 'Not Interesting, But True'. Here he repeats some very simple melodic ideas that the group builds on gradually giving the impression that each musician is searching for a new melody, very effective! But it is probably Mark Solborg's guitar which most links together the three players. His playing is particularly strong with a wide sonic pallet that comes up with a new solution for every tune. His playing is discreet yet utterly compelling." - Joe Higham / Free Jazz Blogspot (US) 
  • ★★★★☆ (4.3/5) "Caught between great intensity and ethereal beauty, this first album from Hopscotch is a pretty fascinating affair. While still a very young formation, the trio already shows a great level of maturity, making this album a true delight from start to finish." - Bruno Lasnier, The Milk Factory (UK)
  • ★★★★☆ (4/5) "Strong original compositions and dynamic arrangements ..eminent interplay and exquisite broad sound" - (DK)
  • " Reckless improjazz of the dense kind. A CD-cover is rarely a reason to own a CD. Hopscotch is an exception." - Jazznyt Blogspot (DK)
  • "The trio with sax, guitar and drums is successfully exploited, both to work on muscular interplay and variation in subtlety. Hopscotch has a great business-card" - (NL)


Anderskov Accident: FULL CIRCLE

  • 2 out of 3 editors had Full Circle on the "Recommended" list for november in The New York City Jazz Record (formerly All About Jazz New York) (US)
  • ”If you haven't yet heard Jacob Anderskov it's high time to make up for that and this album is a great possibility to do this. Joined by Tom Rainey, Anderskov Accidents gathers together some of the finest members of danish improvised music scene, to create work of unique vision and youthfull energy...This music is like gravity - it draws you in.” Jazz Alchemist (PL)
  • “Indeed, there’s much more to contemporary jazz than warmed over post-bop formulas, and here’s some positive proof. Definitely jazz for the new century.” - Marc Chenard, La Scena Musicale (CAN)
  • “I am continuously amazed and thrilled to hear how natural yet uncompromising the great pillars of composition and improvisation meet, merge, intersect, coexistence and nourish each other. Interplay at the highest level.” - (DK)
  • “Soul and intellect, strength and finesse. This sextet has just about everything: strong themes and sufficient challenge, individual and collective enthusiasm. ...captivating music (free jazz) of a high level,  sometimes even intimidating, and definitely a must for anyone who loves a challenge. “ (NL)



  • ”.. The meeting of three extremely talented and respected musicians in their own right, The Living Room is a breathtaking formation with a particularly developed taste for complex avant-gardist jazz. Formed of Danish saxophonist Torben Snekkestad, pianist Søren Kjærgaard, also from Denmark, and Norwegian drummer and percussionist Thomas Strønen, The Living Room have, for their debut, devised a series of intricate minimal improvised pieces where they explore the outer reaches of contemporary jazz.... Complex, abstract and challenging Still Distant Still remains surprisingly evocative and accessible, a strong testament to the combined level of talent and musicianship collected here.” – Bruno Lasnier, The Milk Factory (UK)
  • The Living Room was among the list of ”Recommended New Releases” in january in the The New York City Jazz Record (Formely All About Jazz New York) (US)