Femklang is selected ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2011 by The New York City Jazz Record!

31 dec. 2011


We are very proud to announce that Søren Kjærgaard's recent and third trio release «Femklang» on ILK Music, featuring bassist Ben Street & drummer Andrew Cyrille, has been selected Best Releases 2011 - Album Of The Year in the critically acclaimed NYC based magazine, The New York City Jazz Record.


Femklang, which was released on November 21st, has also gotten some fine reviews in Europe, here is a pick:


★★★★★★ (6/6) - Bergens Tidende, Norway

"Impressive jazz trio … Here we enter a large sonic space where every single note has an almost overwhelming value and force." - Bergenske Tidende, Nov. 2011 (translated)

★★★★★☆ (5/6) - Aarhus Stiftstidende, Denmark

"Bassist Ben Street is eminent in his subtle underpinning of Kjærgaard's floating voicings and precisely dropping notes. And you can hear how the drummer-legend Andrew Cyrille is playing with a whole life of experience; where each stroke, swing and pulse is played naturally, organically flowing and present. But it's first and foremost Kjærgaard's brilliantly luminous playing that creates the decisive moments of beauty and depth on the album as a whole" - Aarhus Stiftstidende, Dec. 2011 (translated)

"This is the third output from the trio spanning over three generations, but one common languague that enables us as listeners to be accompanied beautifully throughout the album and followed to the doorsteps by the same loop as in the opening, and with a sense of having been on a meaningful and deeply felt journey". - Allan Sommer, Jazzspecial (Dk) issue #124, Dec 2011-Jan 2012 (translated)

"With Femklang, Kjærgaard has made yet an unavoidable trio album that will beam for a long time." - Jazznyt, Denmark, Dec. 2011 (translated)

“ ... dreaming, almost casual, and yet a deeply consciuos use of a silent expression.” – Information, Denmark, Nov. 2011 (translated)

“This is avant-garde jazz that can be appreciated by both fans and non-fans alike. Accessible without sacrificing any of its heart.” – 17dots (blog), Nov. 2011

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