Nils Bo Davidsen, Kasper Tranberg
Zone Bleue
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Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass & Keyboards
Kasper Tranberg - Trumpet & Keyboards

Zone Bleue

The strong musical and spiritual bond between Kasper Tranberg & Nils Davidsen was created in Copenhagen in the early 90's. Zone Bleue presents the first meeting between Davidsen & Tranberg as a duo.

The music is stamped with the authority of experience, the tightness of the moment and the openness of imagination. Together the two  heavy-weight danish profiles has created a musical universe with an original platform and a visionary suggestion of a new sound. The unique inter-play between trumpet and acoustic bass is, on some tracks, complemented with beautiful, spacial keyboards. On Zone Bleue compositions from both artists goes arm in arm with improvisations, developed solo or collectively.


The two of them first met in the electro-acoustic neofreefunk band ”When Granny Sleeps”. WGS created a new sound and attracted a young audience, unprecedented for a danish jazzband. With a wealth of concerts and 3 CD releases (featuring Dave Liebman, Ray Anderson and Ben Besiakow, among others) WGS was a breakthrough, that carried danish jazz into the present and out in the world.

Since then and parralel, Tranberg & Davidsen have played together in many significant correlations. Interchangeably: Copenhagen Art ensemble, Oknok Congo, Jacob Anderskov Accident and T.S. Høegs Locomotion Starsemble. Together, they have also performed and recorded with eminent artists such as: John Tchicai, Django Bates, Tim Berne, Mats Gustafson, Joachim Kühn, Chris Speed, Tom Rainey and Marilyn Mazur.


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