Voodoo Down Jump
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Stephan Meinberg - Trumpet, Euphonium, Piccolo trumpet
Anders Banke - Reeds
Mark Solborg - Guitar
Peter Bruun - Drums

Do your Voodoo



8 new moLdings by the infamous Danish/German quartet.

Voodoo Down Jump is a kaleidoscopic journey through groovy and dense jungle, wide open spaces, playful party-zones, revolutionary riots and honest prayers. Improv meets intricate composition, simple songs meet orchestrated suites and folklore meets quartertones in a highly original melting pot.

The Voodoo cast containes a wide range of instruments including euphonium (a small tuba), bass clarinet, piccolo trumpet, bowed cymbals, percussion, guitars, knobs, a.o. Add curiosity, strong commitment, instrumental skills, spontaneity, and a warmblooded need for musical prescence and individual freedom. moLd is about high level group-playing that accomodates expressive “bang for the buck” in Funkytown as well as heartfelt poetry.

Voodoo Down Jump is the third release from moLd. It is the result of intense work with the music and a major leap towards an even stronger, clearer and more organic aproach to the wildgrowing fungus of moLd.

Do your Voodoo..



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