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Stefan Pasborg - Drums
Ray Anderson - Trombone
Marc Ducret - Guitar
John Tchicai - Saxophone
Alex Riel - Drums

‘TRIPLEPOINT’ is the new release from the two-time Grammy-winner, drummer and composer, Stefan Pasborg.

This CD, which is recorded in Denmark, France, Lithuania and USA, consists of three parts:

1) Drums with Laptop-treatments 2) Duos 3) Trios.

The CD is enriched with appearances by top-names from the American and the European jazz scene like: Ray An- derson, Ellery Eskelin, Marc Ducret, John Tchicai, Carsten Dahl, Alex Riel among others.

Three compact discs presenting music that moves out in many directions, but nonetheless, there is one aggregate statement being made, a unifying leitmotif: namely, Stefan Pasborg’s expressive,

energetic and virtuoso drumming throughout the whole release – a CD that displays the drums as being an instrument that is fully capable of generating rhythmic and contrapuntal ideas on an equal footing with other instruments.

selected into the worldwide TOP 5 “Best Debut Albums of 2007” by All About Jazz Magazine, USA.

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