Peter Bruun, Eggs Laid by Tigers
This Red-Eyed Earth
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Peter Bruun - Drums, guitar, vocals
Jonas Westergaard - Bass, vocals
Martin Ullits Dahl - Guitar, vocals
Simon Toldam - Piano, organ & synthesizers

Eggs Laid by Tigers: This Red-Eyed Earth

Specializing in intimate epics, pagan hymns, funereal folk songs, blasphemous psalms, erotic ballads, stumbling waltzes, profane gospels, sepulchral lullabies

Exactly two years to the day of the release of their stunning 5-star debut album Under The Mile Off Moon, here comes Egg Laid By Tigers' astonishing followup record This Red-Eyed Earth. Recorded to wonderfully warm analog tape, the band's songs, composed around eight of Welsh verse genius Dylan Thomas' poems, simmer into a delicious sonic stew of hot-buttered 70s soul, cinnamon-dusted avant-pop, and berberespiced Afro-beat ... all while remaining true to their southern Scandinavian roots.

Once again, Eggs Laid By Tigers have managed to pull off the nearly impossible … rising to the high-spirited and deeply moving occasion of these great works of literature. And, again, their timing couldn't be better ...because the October 27th release-date is actually the 100th anniversary of Dylan Thomas' birth. Celebrate the sublime stillness and bawdy beauty of This Red-Eyed Earth ... a record made for the next hundred years, but played like there's no tomorrow..

"I wrote wonderfully original things ... like eggs laid by tigers." ‒ Dylan Thomas


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