Sweet Secrets
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- Electronics, guitar, computer, voice

Sugarghost, aka Joakim Frøystein, presents daring experimental electronica with a computer, guitar and voice. A delicate mix which is captured on the debut album “Sweet Secrets”.

Samples of plastic bags and metal foil blend together with acoustic lap-steel, double bass, bass clarinet and drums. Free improvised passages are manipulated with home-made music software, warped into intricate backgrounds for sophisticated songs. Hypnotic beats and ambient textures with fragments of rock and abstract pop make up a dynamic flow of original music. Now and again vocals come out from behind curling basslines, elastic melodies and shrunk elements of jazz.

This music speaks to the body as well as the intellect and the listeners are invited into a world of sound where acoustic and electric instruments are in symbiosis with ”wild seed electronics”. High-tech meets fearless intuition in the electronic sphere, where tones pulverize and sounds are remelted.

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