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Simon Toldam, Stork
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Simon Toldam - piano
Maria Bertel - Trombone
Jimmy Nyborg - Trumpet
Sture Ericson - altosaxophone/bassclarinet
Peter Bruun - drums
Nils Bo Davidsen - bass

Simon Toldams Orchestra STORK

Intriguing compositions and collective improvisations goes hand in hand on the self titled debut-album by Simon Toldam new Orchestra STORK.
Toldam - the piano player from Han Bennink Trio - gathered the orchestra spring 2010, choosing some of the best and most original musicians on the danish Jazz/Avantgarde – scene. All of whom have been leading figures, creating new waves in danish jazz the past 20 years.
Simon Toldam ́s natural orchestration talent is sparkling in this orchestra. All compositions are written for the specific musicians, highlighting the extreme amount of personality and original sound. In their own anarchistic respectfulness, the musicians transform Toldams music into intense tableaux’s celebrating the moment.
Stork is hymns, improvisations, explosions, tranquillity and surprises.
Available on CD and a small amount of unique handmade LP ́s. All songs are subtitled by the fantastic danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen.
The musicians in Stork has collaborated with: John Tchicai, Tim Berne, Han Bennink, Cph Art Ensemble, Derek Bailey, Dave Douglas, Axel Dörner, T.S Høeg, Chris Speed and many more.





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