Smash the Tomatoes
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Mark Solborg - Guitar
Anders Banke - Reeds
Jeppe Skovbakke - Bass
Stefan Pasborg - Drums

Mark Solborg 4

“Happy every time the cd plays and almost sad when it stops. I would be happy if all cd’s were made like this. Great themes, precisely executed, great players, determined energy, great variation in the pieces’ psychological and musical expression and use - but not excessive use - of studio facilities. The CD serves food to the Heavy Rockers AND shy country-students. The real greatness about it is that both menus seems equally natural and authentic.This record should be owned by anyone who takes interest in the Danish jazzscene of today, the ones who think rock’n roll is dead, the ones who think strong simple themes died with pop-music and those who miss the energy from young Tony Williams and Mclaughlins “Lifetime...” 


-Anders Kirkegaard, Jazzspecial DK 

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