Simon Toldam, Simon Toldam og Prügelknabe
Simon Toldam & Prügelknabe
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Simon Toldam - Piano
Qarin Wikström - Vocal
Josefine Lindstrand - Vocal
Tomas Caudery - Trumpet
Alexander Kraglund - Violin
Helianne Blais - Violin
Emma Nordlund - Cello
Graig Earle - Bass
Anders Provis - Drums

Simon Toldam & Prügelknabe is the debut-album of the 9-piece orchestra

Simon Toldam & Prügelknabe consisting of strings/ voices/trumpet/bass/drums/piano playing the music of pianist/composer Simon Toldam.

Simon Toldam & Prügelknabe invites you to join the compositional mind of bandleader Simon Toldam and the collective improvisational spirit of the entire orchestra.

Cello/viola/violin/2 vocalists/trumpet/bass/drums and piano brings the music nowhere and anywhere simultaneously, telling stories you know you haven ́t heard before. Improvised aggresive parts abrupted with semi-classical textures goes hand in hand with 2 swedish female vocalists. Sometimes making sounds, sometimes lyrics.

Best Crossover Release & New Name of the Year at Danish Grammy Awards 2007.







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