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Liudas Mockunas - Saxophone
Jakob Riis - Laptop
Stefan Pasborg - Drums

RØD PLANET (Red Planet) is a trio consisting of two Danes, the acclaimed drummer Stefan Pasborg, laptop wizard Jakob Riis, and Lithuanian saxophone virtuoso Liudas Mockunas. The band has a unique sound which balances between live electronic and acoustic fields. The music rides on a free spirit and takes off into energetic outbursts of creative energy as well as meditative lyrical, organic grooves and poetic shapings in sound.

All tracks were recorded live in studio, with all computer processing done real time.

RØD PLANET’s self-titled debut-album from 2004 got following words on the Danish National Radio’s Jazz-site in 2004:

‘It is demanding to listen to Rød Planet. But in return, you’ll be greatly rewarded by an unpredictable music experience. The Danish underground is indeed alive, and in good health’

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