Jacob Anderskov, Qarin Wikström, Copenhagen Art Ensemble
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Qarin Wikström - Vocals
Lars Greve - Saxophone
Thomaz Dabrowski - Trumpet
Ture Larsen - Trombone
Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Nils Bo Davidsen - Bass
Bjørn Heebøll - Drums

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Reuterswärd

CAE celebrates and re-interprets iconic multi-artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Qarin Wikström fronts an unconventional approach to music for 6 instruments plus vocal.

CARL FREDRIK REUTERSWÄRD is known for his always open and inquisitive approach to art and materials. He was born in june 1934, meaning: turning 80 during the month of this LP release.

Reuterswärd is most widely known work is his sculpture showing a revolver tied in a knot, called Non Violence, on display a.o. outside the United Nations headquarters in New York. He was fond of the absurd, the surreal and through this approach created his works in the borderland between genres and media. A man who would not be categorized easily. An exploratory multi-talented artist, who played bass, wrote poetry and worked with visual arts.

COPENHAGEN ART ENSEMBLE (CAE) is on this release celebrating the oeuvre and imagination of Reuterswärd. Taking off from Reuterswärd’s own writings, mostly from his concretist writings in the 60´s, CAE takes its completely own approach to transferring his words to music.

Completely at home with Reuterswärd’s width and angle of the art, CAE has assembled a fine and creative group of composers/musicians to contribute to this project in the field between scored music, improvisation and lyrics.

Bonus info: This album is the first album document of Copenhagen Art Ensemble’s collaboration with Qarin Wikström, singer of a.o. Kostcirkeln, Sekten, Grammofunch, etc. The recording also showcases a number of young talented newcomers in the ensemble, which (under different names) can trace it’s roots all the way back to the 60’s.

Music composed by Qarin Wikström, Ture Larsen and Jacob Anderskov.


“Amazing that there exists such a music here among us, it was among the finest that can be heard anywhere. How can they be so good? Such an experience makes the soul lift and the winter feel like summer.“

... Henrik Jöhnemark, nov 2012


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