Prima Ballerina
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Peter Bruun - Drums
Jesper Zeuthen - Alto Saxophone
Jonas Westergaard - Bass

The cover's got a bit of a hip hop look to it, but the album is jazz-based all the way through -- and relatively free jazz at that! The WBZ ensemble is comprised of Jonas Westergaard on bass, Peter Bruun on drums, and Jesper Zeuthen on alto sax -- all playing together in a style that's very much in the European extrapolation of the New York/ESP ideals that first crossed the Atlantic at the end of the 60s -- if we can use such an obtuse sort of reference! By that, we mean that there's definitely roots here that stretch back to Albert Ayler, Sonny Simmons, and Charles Tyler -- carried off with a similar blend of freedom and spirituality, but also sharing the rhythmic pulse that held the best ESP work firmly on earth, and less of the too-free modes that sprang up later on the European scene. Titles include "Prima Ballerina", "Assembling", "No 4", "Destruction Dirtbox", "Den 8 Plage", "Mask", "Kreutzer Valse", and "Opti/Mopti".

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