Kresten Osgood, Og Hvad Er Klokken
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Kresten Osgood - Drums a.o.
Thomas Vang - Bass
Jesper Løvdal - Horns
Magnus Jochumsen - Some percussion
Prins Nitram (Martin Dahl) - Rythm guitar on one track

Kresten Osgood – Og Hvad Er Klokkens PIANOALBUM

In 2006 Kresten Osgood and his group -Og Hvad Er Klokken released FRIMÆRKEALBUMMET (the STAMP ALBUM). It was a theme album about stamps with songs and poetry dealing with Kresten Osgood's fascination with stamps. The album instantly became cultclassic among the Danish songwriters and stampcollectors, but went totally unnoticed by the general public and today remains the worst selling album in Osgoods carreer.
Osgood says: "I still consider Frimærkealbummet one of my most improtant releases and it was always the intention that it should be the beginning of a series of albums about  physical objects that have expanded my mind" less than a year after Frimærkealbummet was released, work had begun on the sequel – PIANOALBUMMET. "The idea was to make a record that dealt exclusively with my childhood piano , which is a very unique taffelpiano from 1851 (incidentally the first year a stamp was printed in Denmark). I wanted to make a record where the taffelpiano was the “leadsinger”. In 2007 I went with my friend Thomas Vang and a lot of equipment to Hvide Sande on the far west coast of Denmark where the instrument was situated and recorded all the melodies and solos for the album. It would prove to be the start of a very time consuming process because it was extremely difficult to have the musical foreground locked and then invent a foundation afterwards, so we've spent the last 6 years on building a world of sound around the recordings. "
Between 2007 and 2013, Osgood and Vang worked on a regular basis on realizing this vision. They recorded drums, bass guitar, vocals, percussion, brass arrangements and an army of keyboards on top of the original taffelklaverindspilninger. In some cases, a piano solo was  memorized and re-recorded on top so there were more voices playing the same line. Many of the tracks were completely finished and then scrapped because they became dated or as Osgood says, "because, as time passed, I got wiser and better at playing and could not live with some of my performances. Oddly enough, I never got tired of the original piano recordings from 2007 "
About the Taffelpiano he says: "I have learned to play music on that piano. Much more than I have on  the drums. I played on it before I got drums. I have composed most of my music on it and it has always been a world I could step into which was very intimate. I'm the only one who knows the instrument, the only one who can open up the sound of it and knows which keys to press down harder than others to get the right sound, which combinations of tones to be avoided when the pedal is down. There are also a lot of chords that you can only play on that instrument because polyphony shows differently for on it than on other pianos.
The album cover is a painting by the artist Kurt Karottki which has always hung over the taffelpiano as long as it has been in the family's possession. "Karottki was a friend of my parents. A brilliant and very spiritual painter who lived in poverty because of his uncompromising attitude to art. My mom and dad bought several of his paintings and were also given some of his art as gifts. Unfortunately in the '80s, they were forced to sell everything except this painting - it's called "Gravfund"
Osgood plays most instruments on Pianoalbummet, but has been helped by his closest friends. bassparts and hornparts are performed by, respectively Thomas Vang (who also has recorded music) and Jesper Løvdal. In addition, Magnus Jochumsen recorded some percussion and Prins Nitram plays rhythm guitar on a track.
one last comment from kresten Osgood about his new album:
"It's important for me to say that this album is not tied to any musical stylistic direction. There is no overall taste or aesthetics. I have gone for truth. my own and the piano´s truth, even in cases where I know it will probably be impossible for anyone other than myself to see the point of it. I have trusted the piano to show me what kind of music should grow around it. I can now after 6 years of intensive work on this album say that it is finished and if there's one thing I've learned from releasing records  it is that when it is finished you cannot make it better and  it continues to grow from there by itself. It happened with FRIMÆRKEALBUMMET and it will happen over time with PIANOALBUMMET "


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