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Per Carsten - Everything

Per Carsten: Solo

Kresten Osgood presents the solo effort of one of Denmarks most original voices: EWI master Per Carsten.
The album has liner notes by the legendary trumpetplayer/composer Palle Mikkelborg, former music chief of Montmartre Niels Chistensen and Osgood himself who doesn't hesitate to call this a postmodern jazz manifesto. 

Per Carsten has had a long and successful carrier as member of the Danish Radio Big Band, for which he also composed and arranged. He participated in the legendary collaboration with Miles Davis and Palle Mikkelborg "Aura" and released a handful of fusion oriented albums in the 1980´s and ´90´s. After battling a terrible cancer it became impossible for him to play the alto sax and flute (up until then his main instruments) and he began practicing the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) on which he succeeded in creating a completely unique sound.

Kresten Osgood continues the story:
"When i first heard the EWI music of Per Carsten I was completely blown away by his ability to personalize an instrument such as the EWI which i mostly knew from corny fusion records. I was deeply inspired by his virtuosity and melodic lines. I contacted Per Carsten and suggested that we play music together but he told me that he had quit music and if he were to play again it would take him over 6 months to prepare for a concert. at the time he was living alone on a boat and had experienced a series of bad luck and accidents and was in contact with only a few people. Then i showed up and told him that i thought his music was brilliant and that the world had to hear this music. We began a collaboration where I was given full control over what should be released and what should not in exchange for promising not to change anything other than sound levels on the takes I chose. This music was very very personal to him and he actually changed his mind several times about releasing it, but i persuaded him to go along each time and in the end I know that he was very proud of the result"

Shortly after the collaboration had begun the cancer came back and it became a race against the clock to get it released while Per Carsten was still alive. He passed away a few days after holding the finished CD in his hands.

Osgood continues:
"I don't feel that I am saying too much when I say that this album is a post modern jazz manifesto. By that I mean that the music in spite of its programmed, sometimes dated sounds actually ends up showing us what the essence of jazz is and is not. Its not timbre, its not communication between people, its not swing. I think this record proves that the essence of jazz is in fact the quality of a persons ideas, however he choses to manifest them. This is certainly a jazz album and Its more modern than anything modern.  I am proud to release this music on ILK and  through his completely unique musical vision I consider Per Carsten an Avatar for me and many others struggling to qualify jazz in 2014.


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