Panta Rhei
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Jacob Anderskov - Piano

Panta Rhei is the first solo piano album from Jacob Anderskov, recorded at an intimate studio session at the end of a tour in Scandinavia October 2006. Hearing Anderskov improvising solo is like being let into the composing alchemist’s workshop. Transparant aphorisms as well as denser textures are wrought, refi ned and sculpted in real time, right in front of us. The music incorporates elements and estetics from the music of Anderskov’s larger ensembles, as well as simpler sonorities – but still with his unmistakenable signature mark.

“PANTA RHEI” is Greek for ”everything is fl ux” (Herakles). For this album it means a.o. that every- thing here is improvised, with maximum attention given to the actual sounding music rather than

to any preconceived ideas about what it ought to sound like. The approach was about presence, awareness and associations – rather than adherance to specific stylistical preferences. There are no edits or overdubs on the album.




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