Mark Solborg, Herb Robertson
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Herb Robertson - Trumpet, voice, a.o.

Mutation ....

Solborg: “ I really like the way you slowly bend an idea into something new. ..all of a sudden it’s something else and you never noticed when it started changing..”

Robertson: “oh - you mean mutation.....”

In 2008 the guitarist Mark Solborg invited the American trumpeter Herb Robertson to Denmark to join his quartet. During those days they also recorded the duo-album “NOD”.

Melodic, fabulating and epic landscapes unfold in a beautiful, intimate and - now and again - minimalistic universe with ample room for detail and Robertsons unique sound. The music is born in an intuitive space that might have more to do with an approach to life than a specific musical genre.

NOD is mutual understanding and respect, NOD is a device for nocturnal observation, NOD is the wasteland to which Cain was banished, NOD is the Land of Dreams and mutating imagination..

During the working process with NOD we stumbled upon these verses that struck resonance with both of us.

The Land of Nod

From breakfast on through all the day At home among my friends I stay, But every night I go abroad Afar into the land of Nod.

All by myself I have to go, With none to tell me what to do - All alone beside the streams And up the mountain-sides of dreams.

The strangest things are there for me, Both things to eat and things to see, And many frightening sights abroad Till morning in the land of Nod.

Try as I like to find the way, I never can get back by day, Nor can remember plain and clear The curious music that I hear.

Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850–1894). A Child’s Garden of Verses and Underwoods. 1913.


Herb Robertson

Herb Robertsons work with Tim Berne, Bobby Previte, Bill Frisell, David Sanborn, Paul Motian, Barry Guy’s New Orchestra, Marc Ducret, New Jungle Orchestra, John Zorn, Roswell Rudd, Rashied Ali, Ray Anderson, Dewey Redman, Evan Parker, Charlie Haden Music Liberation Orchestra and so many others has placed him as a unique musician and carismatic improviser within Jazz and new improvised music. His melodic and sonorous approach draws freely on the entire tradition from Armstrong via Davis to Barry Guy, Gustafson, and their music of today.



Mark Solborg

In recent years Mark Solborg has been playing a number of prestigeous European Jazzvenues and festivals in Copenhagen, Århus, Oslo, Grenoble, Strassbourg, Berlin, Leipzig, Vilnius, Beijing a.o. leading or co-leading the groups Revolver, Ventilator, moLd, Solborg/Eilertsen/Bruun and of course Mark Solborg 4. His work as a composer and guitarist has been grammy-nominated, awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation and has received wide international acknowlegdement. A personal, unpolished and unconventional approach, whether dealing with odd-meter grooves, contrapuntal lines, complex harmony or just a couple of simple chords, is a cherished ambition and trade- mark. So far NOD is the 9th release from the Solborg workshop.




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